Bexhill Museum

Uncovering Ethnography in Kent and Sussex

Bexhill Museum houses a diverse ethnography collection, with objects from Africa, Asia including India and Tibet, the Pacific, Australia and the Americas. Some of the earliest objects originate from the Brassey collection, but for some other objects the collectors are not known.

The review project uncovered important Pacific objects, spanning Australia, Melanesia and the Federation of Micronesia. These include highly decorative ceremonial objects and weapons as well as textiles such as barkcloth.

Diverse and rich African objects have been discovered, including a collection of beadwork and body adornment from East and South African. Also on display are a pair of figures from Ghana and a jibba coat from Sudan, showing a wide geographical spread across the South, East and West.

Objects from Suriname, South America were collected by a Dutch Geologist who retired to Bexhill. They were made and used by the Maroons, descendants of enslaved Africans. These objects demonstrate European as well as global links with Bexhill.

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