Horsham Museum & Art Gallery

Uncovering Ethnography in Kent and Sussex

120 artefacts from South East Asia were reviewed from Horsham Museum & Art Gallery’s world cultures collections, including items from India, China and Japan. Many of the objects were collected by Robert Henderson (1851–1895), who was an East India merchant. With his various overseas interests Henderson travelled to Asia, where he acquired, amongst other items, the splendid reclining Buddha bronze and the polychrome decorated vase detailed here.

Many of items are superbly decorated with quite intricate carvings, such as the bronze temple stela and lacquered Inro from Japan, and the Hornbill temple decoration from China. This latter object was selected for conservation as part of the UNIQUES project, considering its fragmentary state and unusual nature.

In addition to the collection of artefacts, the review also highlighted the series of four photographic albums compiled by Henderson. These comprise professionally produced photographic prints that serve to illustrate many of the items in the Museum’s collections.

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